Five Big Reasons for Collisions in Texas

Right now, it's only Google that has cars that drive themselves. Until then, we have to share the road with other drivers (and they with us!). Turns out, traffic laws not only offer opportunities to receive tickets, they actually keep us from meeting other motorists by accident. To keep you out of an accident, Driving Safety Course Texas proudly presents the top 5 moving violations that led to accidents in the state of Texas last year. Coming in at number 5:


It may seem hard to believe, but a car traveling at 60 mph is traveling at a rate of 88 feet per second! Even faster, the human eye blinks in 1/10th of a second. Imagine now that you are following 10 feet behind the car ahead and for some reason he brakes and you blink. Where are you now? Helping him qualify for the HOV lane because he has 2 people in the car now!

To protect yourself, practice the 2 second rule. After the car ahead of you passes a fixed object, count two seconds. If you pass the object before you reach 2, you are following too closely. This rule works up to 35 mph in dry, daylight conditions for the average sized car. At highway speeds, you want to make it 4.

Speaking of number 4 -


4th leading cause of ALL accidents and the #1 cause of fatality accidents, DWI was responsible for 1,360 deaths on Texas roadways in 2010.

Moving on to number 3 -

Disregard for a Stop and Go Signal

Number 3 on our list is also the #1 cause of injury accidents in Texas. Turns out, stop signs and traffic lights aren't just for decoration or illumination. Why would people ignore such a basic form of traffic control device? Mostly because we are in a hurry. Take your time! Studies show, on average, traffic lights in Texas only stay red for 51 seconds. An extra minute to your destination is not a bad trade for possible months of pain and inconvenience resulting from a collision!

Speaking of results, here's what resulted in the second greatest number of crashes -

Failure to Yield the Right-Of-Way

As children, we are often admonished by mom and dad to take turns. What was true on the playground is just as true on the road. The biggest difference is that it is more than just that feelings that can get hurt when we are talking real cars instead of Hot Wheels.

And now, drum roll please Coming in at #1 -

Unsafe Speed

Did you know that you can receive a ticket while driving under the posted speed limit? The posted speed limit is considered a conditional speed limit. If there is poor visibility or road conditions, you can be ticketed for driving the posted speed limit.

Hopefully, your ticket was written without you having to experience a crash as well. Let Driver Safety Course Texas ease the minimal amount of discomfort you experienced with our course today!