Hey, You Behind the Wheel - WAKE UP!

Unlike toddlers all over the world, all of us here at parent taught driver education affidavit texas, we can't imagine anything more satisfying than a nap. In fact, like you, we would love one, thank you. There are tons of places you could catch a quick snooze, at your desk, in a comfy chair, in the sunshine or maybe in church. As bad as that last one may sound, an even worse idea is behind the wheel!

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, drowsy driving was the culprit in 72,000 reported crashes in 2009. These crashes further resulted in 730 deaths and 30,000 injuries! Studies show that driving performance and reaction times of drowsy drivers are as poor as those under the influence of alcohol.

Drivers (well, everyone, actually) can experience 2 kinds of fatigue, physical and mental. The first is, of course, is the result of physical exhaustion. The second can result from mental or emotional stress. If you are experiencing either of these, it is a poor decision to get behind the wheel. Your brain will find opportunities for the sleep it needs wherever and whenever it can. The cool, comfortable confines of a smooth riding modern automobile turn out to be an ideal location for a nap. Even if you don't technically get your nap on, your brain may experience a phenomenon known as a micro-sleep. A micro-sleep is a momentary loss of consciousness and concentration. While a nap or micro-sleep might earn you a pinch or an elbow jab in a church pew, the results on the roadway can be far direr.

Our busy world and fast paced lifestyles provide many opportunities for fatigue. This fatigue can bring on that drowsy feeling behind the wheel in town or out on the interstate. Stay alert! Remember: drowsy driving is as dangerous as drunk driving and is recognized as the cause of a large percentage of automobile accidents.

If you do feel yourself getting drowsy at the wheel, there are several strategies to help you perk back up. Try rolling the windows down or cranking the radio up and sing along. Sit up a little straighter and turn the A/C to arctic cool. Peppermints have a rousing effect. Look for an exit to get out and walk around a bit. Other drivers (and your backside) will thank you.