As a driver in the land of ever changing weather (Texas), you know that just because it is 70 degrees when you leave for work in the morning doesn't mean that it won't be snowing on your drive home. If you are from a cooler climate don't think that driving in the snow in New York prepares you for driving through an ice storm here. The road may look white like snow but the layer of thick ice covering the road isn't very friendly. Although there is no way for you to control the weather, you can always make sure you are prepared to drive in any changing or inclement weather thrown your way.

Top 5 Tips for Driving in Inclement Weather Conditions

  • Leave Earlier Than Normal
    With reduced visibility, icy roads or any other condition that changes the driving environment you typically drive in, always leave with extra time so that you can slow down if needed.
  • Drive for the Conditions
  • Did you know that the first 20 minutes of rain causes the road to be extra slippery? When rain begins to fall, the oils in the road rise to the surface causing your tires to lose traction.
  • Always Be Aware of Your Surroundings
    While it is important to know what is going on around you at all times while driving, you need to be more prepared for evasive actions when the conditions on the road are not typical.
  • Check Vehicle Condition Regularly
    If you think about it, a car breaking down on the side of the road would be a lot less desirable when snow is falling then on a clear fall day. Notice we said less desirable.
  • Be Prepared for Anything
    Make sure that you are ready for an emergency based on the conditions. For example, if it is snowing you may want to keep a blanket in the car in case of a breakdown.

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