Driving while intoxicated has devastating implications for the impaired driver, their families and others on the road. According to MADD, 40% of all traffic accident fatalities in Texas involved alcohol impairment by one or more people involved. Over the past five years in the state of Texas alone there have been 6,338 lives lost due to drivers under the influence on our roads. The state subsidy to cover these fatal collisions is over five billion dollars annually. We are all impacted by the decisions of the drivers who decide that it is ok to get behind the wheel after consuming any amount of alcohol.

One of the biggest sections of driving safety courses takes time to explain the impact that alcohol and other intoxicants have on individuals and how this affects their ability to operate a motor vehicle. We find that this is important thing to cover as no one ever hears someone say that they meant to drink, drive and end another person's life. Through education and raised awareness, it is the hope of course providers, other drivers and the state of Texas that you will choose to pass the keys instead of becoming just another statistic.

An approved driving course for ticket dismissal covers many additional topics as well. These include speeding and the risks involved, driving in inclement weather and other changing environments, defensive driving while sharing the road with other drivers and more. Although you may decide to take your driver safety class to simply dismiss a ticket, the true purpose of the course is to educate you on how to become a better driver for yourself and the rest. If you decide that taking your course online is the best choice for you then we have a treat in store for you.